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Welcome to the Academy of Professional Dialogue, an international non-profit charity, developing Professional Dialogue in service of the wellbeing of society

About the Academy

Dialogue is a generative form of group conversation designed to dissolve fragmentation in collective and individual awareness and understanding, and to encourage coherent participation.

The Academy aims to:

  • Inspire people to transform organisations and communities through Dialogue
  • Acknowledge those who are engaged in effective Professional Dialogue work
  • Support people who want to learn how to practice Dialogue
  • Develop the breadth and depth of the whole field of Professional Dialogue

Find out more about the history of Professional Dialogue.

Recorded during The World Needs Dialogue! 3 Virtual Conference 2020

Recently published by the Academy

A New Kind of Dialogue, by Peter Garrett

A New Kind of Dialogue is a landmark in understanding the pervasive challenges of modern society.

It is a serious but easy read, written as a first-hand narrative that encourages dialogic thinking.

Find out more about A New Kind of Dialogue