Academy of Professional Dialogue: An International non-profit charity, developing the profession in service of the wellbeing of society.

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About Dialogue

Dialogue is a generative form of group conversation designed to dissolve fragmentation in collective and individual awareness and understanding, and to encourage coherent participation.

Dialogue emerged from a series of private gatherings on wholeness and fragmentation convened with David Bohm in the 1980s and announced through the paper Dialogue – A Proposal by David Bohm, Don Factor & Peter Garrett, 1991.

Since 1991, Dialogue has found extensive application in public and private organisations involved in all fields of human endeavour from healthcare to government, from manufacturing to criminal justice, from third world agriculture to banking, and from retail to philosophy.

There is a set of easily learned and empirically-derived skills that help to guide an organisation or community into an aligned way of thinking together and decision-making with those who are affected by those decisions.  Where there are many stakeholders it is more efficient than silo or matrix arrangements, and more effective than social ignorance and confrontation – and Dialogue humanises systems and engenders cultures of respect.

About the Academy

Professional standards

Professional Standards, a Code of Ethics and a Core Curriculum of knowledge and skills are central to the stature of the Academy of Professional Dialogue.  They provide the assurance that Professional Dialogue Practitioners recognised by the Academy are capable, and that they have the skills and know-how to align fragmented organisational and social situations through proven methods.

Annual conference

We convene an annual conference to acknowledge the best practice in Professional Dialogue and enable in-depth face-to-face engagement with leading Dialogue Practitioners.

We publish the proceedings and all the papers considered during the conference. Find out more

Membership benefits

Academy members are encouraged to participate in online video Practitioner Circle Dialogues to explore current themes within health, government, criminal justice, organisational development and other fields of endeavour.  Members also have access to our Dialogue Library and Research Archive, and the Academy is currently developing a Dialogic Research Programme. Find out more

Course accreditation

We accredit Foundation Courses for beginners to learn the basics of Dialogue, and Developmental Courses to attain professional standing. Find out more

We welcome expressions of interest regarding any of the Academy’s activities.