Here are the 'rules' of our online meetings to help us all get communicating well during our meetings.

  • No checking your email, or carrying out other activities while the meeting is on. We are trying to replicate a physical meeting, not watching tv. (To help with this, it can help to maximise your Zoom window so its the only thing you can see on your screen).
  • If you want to speak while someone else is mid-flow, raise your hand, and the facilitator will invite you to speak


  • The person speaking will have a yellow frame around them
  • In the bottom left corner is a MUTE button. You can press this if you aren't planning on speaking for a while, it helps prevent a build-up of background noise in larger meetings.
  • Next to the MUTE button is a STOP VIDEO button. This can be useful if you need to remove yourself from the meeting for a moment.
  • The RECORD button can be used by the meeting host to record any part of the meeting. You will know if any recording is taking place, a red sign will flash.
  • If you can't hear anyone any more, or something else goes wrong with your connection, waving frantically while looking distressed will bring this to the attention of others
  • It is possible to SHARE SCREEN with others, but do use this in moderation.