As an educational charity the Academy provides a comprehensive Educational Programme in Professional Dialogue.

Short, accredited courses promote the understanding and practice of Professional Dialogue for anyone who is interested in growing their skills for working with others.

Long-term developmental programmes lead to qualification for those who want to become an accredited practitioner.

Courses are currently provided online.

Those who are not looking for formal courses can find many ways to learn within the Academy including publications, conference, other public events, and membership.

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Upcoming courses


Dialogic Engagement

An experiential enquiry into how we talk and think together and the unique value of Dialogue.
Discover the distinctive nature of Dialogue among seven different Modes that people use to talk and think together.  Experience the characteristics of each Mode, how they engage people and what each can achieve. Learn how the Modes enhance or detract from our ability to work and live well with others.  Check your own skill, comfort, and discomfort with each Mode.

Why Dialogue?

An in-depth exploration of the state of our organisations and communities and the need for Dialogue.
Consider the challenges you see around you, how things come to be that way and what can be done.  Draw on the original proposals by David Bohm and others about the generic state of fragmentation in consciousness to understand what is happening and explore the emergence of Professional Dialogue as a means to resolve the problems, at the root.

The Practice of Dialogue & A Different Way of Working

Participatory courses in the communication skills that open a doorway into the practice of Dialogue.
Develop the practical dialogic skills needed to achieve the engagement, functionality, quality, and focus required to talk, think, and work with groups of people.

Dialogue Facilitation

To develop capability to bring any grouping into Dialogue to generate a sustainable living process.
Apply a framework of intention and attention to support the delivery of immediate work, to realise the full potential of any situation, and transfer ownership and facilitative power.

Dialogic Coaching

Learn to apply Dialogue to support the growth of others, individually, in teams or groups.
Dialogic coaching requires the cultivation of a container within which the spirit, intention and skills of Dialogue are explored and transferred to others in support of their thinking and the decisions they make.

Courses on Dialogic Leadership and Professional Dialogue Standard to come.

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A year-long programme to become an accredited Professional Dialogue practitioner.

The Acorn is the symbol for the Academy's educational courses.


Academy membership offers a range of ways to learn and develop your practice, through connecting with other members, reading from the library and archive, participating in Dialogues and other activities or watching recordings of skill-development sessions. To find out more…