Short certificated courses promote the understanding and practice of Professional Dialogue for anyone who is interested in growing their skills for working with others. These courses are delivered in person or online and are co-facilitated by Accredited Professional Dialogue Practitioners (APDPs). An in-depth Academy copyrighted Participants' Guide and certificate is provided for each course.

Dialogic Engagement is the entry course that introduces Dialogue and distinguishes it from other ways of working, talking and thinking together. This offers the experience and an insight into the value of Professional Dialogue. Read more about Dialogic Engagement.

Dialogic Decision-Making follows on from Dialogic Engagement, exploring the structure, process and impact of any decision in a practical and participatory way. Given we are all employed by organizations to make decisions, this is a critical skill to have! Read more about Dialogic Decision-Making.

Working Dialogue is the third in this series and provides a structured and facilitated process to make multi-stakeholder decisions in complex situations. That is the most challenging territory to cross in any organizational endeavour.

Why Dialogue an in-depth exploration of the state of our organisations and communities and the need for Dialogue. Consider the challenges you see around you, how things come to be that way and what can be done. Draw on the original proposals by David Bohm and others about the generic state of fragmentation in consciousness to understand what is happening and explore the emergence of Professional Dialogue as a means to resolve the problems, at the root.