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A Participative Webinar with David Moody
Friday, January 15, 2021
5:00pm-7:00pm London

(12:00pm New York / 6:00pm Berlin / 7:00pm Jo'burg)


The US Academy of Professional Dialogue

Join us in a participative webinar with

David Moody

January 15, 2021
12 – 2 pm EDT


David Edmund Moody, PhD, is the former director of the OakGrove School, founded by Krishnamurti. In that capacity, he worked closely with both Krishnamurti and Bohm for many years. In An Uncommon Collaboration, he reviews the entire course of the relationship between the two men, including their many recorded conversations as well as their personal interactions. Moody’s primary interests revolve around the psychological observations and insights developed by Krishnamurti especially as supplemented and refined by Bohm. In Moody’s view, Bohm’s proposals regarding dialogue are an extension of his larger conception regarding the psychological field as a whole. Bohm dialogue, in other words, can not be understood outside of the context of the psychological views he developed in collaboration with Krishnamurti.

A Participative Webinar

During the webinar your cohosts, Nancy Dixon and Linda Ellinor, will interview David to provide an overview of his thinking. We will then move participants into small groups for reflection on David’s interview and how his experience has meaning in our lives and work with dialogue. To close our time we will come back together with questions and reflections from our small groups.

For those of you who want to read ahead, you can see one of his articles here.



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