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A Participative Webinar with Lee Nichol
Wednesday, May 12, 2021


The US Academy of Professional Dialogue

Join us in a participative webinar with

Lee Nichol

12 May ’21, 1pm to 3pm EST

Lee Nichol has been involved in Bohmian dialogue since 1986, and worked directly with David Bohm from 1980 to 1992. He is editor of Bohm’s On Dialogue, On Creativity, and The Essential David Bohm. He has been on the faculty of the Oak Grove School in Ojai, CA; the Tibetan Nyingma Institute in Berkeley, CA; and Denver University in Denver, CO.

Lee is currently facilitating Entering Bohm’s Holoflux, an experiential approach to Bohm’s worldview, sponsored by the Pari Center in Pari, Italy. “Holoflux” is a term Bohm used to describe the nature and movement of all manifest existence – the wholeness of the cosmos. From a Bohmian perspective, dialogue can be used to link the individual, collective, and cosmic aspects of the human being.

When we take this full-spectrum view of Bohmian dialogue, we move out of an algorithmic, results-oriented process, and into a much more inclusive inquiry into the fundamental nature of the human being.

A Participative Webinar

During the webinar your cohosts, Nancy Dixon and Linda Ellinor, will interview Lee to provide an overview of his thinking. We will then move participants into small groups for reflection on Lee’s interview and how his experience has meaning in our lives and work with dialogue. To close our time we will come back together with questions and reflections from our small groups.

For those who want to read ahead, you can read an article by Lee here.


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