Community of Practice
Generative Dialogue on Online Dialogue
Friday, April 16, 2021
4:00pm-6:00pm London

(11:00am New York / 5:00pm Berlin / 5:00pm Jo'burg)


Following the explorations on Online Dialogue generated during the AofPD 2020 online convention, we identified significant interest in continuing with the subject, so this year we already had two monthly generative dialogues to continue discovering aspects that may impact the practice of Online Dialogue into the future.

In our first circle in February we explored what explored the metaphorical relations between physical presence dialogue and online, what has really changed through the technology influence for the online, and what keeps being mainly and simply human regardless of the means used for connection and conversation.
We explored how the online affects the sense and meaning of “Container” itself, and the convenience of different ways of creating psychological safety, and if the personal spaces each one lives in fulfill that aspect well enough.

In our second encounter in March we explored the differences and ways for creating the dialogic energy. What is the perception of distance? How do we perceive it, if at all?

We payed attention to our own proprioception  when joining the group, facing the screen and camera? We explored the management fo silence, given the natural inclination to avoid the conversation to stop, when being online. Does silence for meaning creation and understanding have the same effect online than when being in a room offline?

Should there be any rules for allowing everybody to have their word, and to be able to digest what is being said, for those who need more time?

We discovered many interesting aspects, in each of ourselves and in the collective and it definitely became a very interesting space.

We invite you to join us for our next meeting on Friday April 16th. And to register soon since we will be keeping the number of participants at 25.
We look forward to seeing you!


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