Community of Practice
Generative Dialogue on Peace Building
Tuesday, June 15, 2021
4:00pm-6:00pm London

(11:00am New York / 5:00pm Berlin / 5:00pm Jo'burg)


‘Peacebuilding’ comes to mind as a concept most often associated with war and post-conflict reconciliation efforts. Many members of the Academy of Professional Dialogue work in (post-) conflict contexts, using Dialogue to bridge polarization. Dialogue is used as a space for listening to diverse perspectives and creating a shared understanding of our past, present, and future. ‘Peacebuilding’ is also essential in our everyday lives where conflict emerges, evolves, and transforms in the context of our relationships. We can redirect conflict to become a source of learning, growth, and make our communities more inclusive. Dialogue can help bridge the divides between different ideologies, viewpoints, perspectives, politics. Interfaith and intercultural Dialogue is a necessity in multicultural, diverse societies where peace constitutes social cohesion and inclusion of all voices and groups. We invite you for a generative dialogue session on peacebuilding where Academy members can share their experiences and work toward peaceful existence through Dialogue.

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