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Organisations Need Dialogue!
Thursday, March 29, 2018
12:00pm-1:00pm London

(7:00am New York / 1:00pm Berlin / 1:00pm Jo'burg)

This is an ongoing Practitioner Circle exploring the general theme Organisations Need Dialogue! in advance of the Oct’18 Conference in Roffey Park, UK.  Peter Garrett circulated the curriculum article from the Dialogue & Leadership of Change programme as the basic premise, then asked for stories that highlighted the value of Dialogue in organisations and may appeal to executives who could commission work.  In the follow-on session a month later he requested questions that might be put to an executive group to induce Dialogue amongst them.  The third session in March was attended by Tom Kottner, Thomas Klug, Cara McCarthy, Jo Brown, Paul Mooney & Peter Garrett (with apologies:  Jane Ball, Mark Seneschall and Mine Bolgil).  It was a free-flowing ‘skilful conversation’ ranging across a number of themes such as:

  • Packaging Dialogue for corporate purchase vs Dialogue as a way of working
  • We need to know how to sell Dialogue vs Why would we sell Dialogue?
  • Market specific Dialogue (eg for countries whose retiring leader has 784 corruption charges) vs Dialogues that leave the door open for more, and people come back willing to think and participate
  • Introducing Dialogue from within an organisation vs consulting or coaching from the outside

And that was during the first 15 minutes…

You are welcome to participate – do let me know you plan to come by clicking on my Members photo.

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