Community of Practice
Reflection of the Month
Tuesday, November 21, 2023
4:00pm-5:30pm London

(11:00am New York / 5:00pm Berlin / 6:00pm Jo'burg)

Dear colleagues and friends,

We look forward to seeing you at the ROM (Reflection Of the Month) gathering.

The ROM forum is dedicated to applying a structured and systematic Reflective Practice to learn from our experiences and improve our practice and way of being with one another through the lens of Dialogic Relations and Professional Dialogue.

As agreed with the group, we will focus on practice. We use theoretical or conceptual frameworks as lenses to reconsider an approach or action to managing tense situations and conflicts.

Your examples of a dilemma, tension, conflict, or any other concern are our means for reflection and personal and collective learning 

In the shadow of hatred and horrific destructive actions, we will explore our arising thoughts and feelings. We will once more put listening into action. We will also explore our behaviors in various conflictual situations, whether we reacted or responded, and whether our actions separated or connected us. Please give these questions some thought before our next gathering.

You are welcome to share the invitation with friends and colleagues. 

Please register. If you register and cannot make it, please cancel your booking.

Looking forward,

Tzofnat Peleg-Baker and Jane Ball


Who? We are consultants, facilitators, and 3rd party interveners advancing dialogue and constructive conflict engagement, slowly but surely forming a reflective learning community.

How? We gather every other month for 90 minutes. 

Why? To support one another in improving our professional work and nurturing meaningful relations in organizations and communities through cognitive Reflective Practice (see Tzofnat Peleg-Baker and Michael Lang recent article). 

What? We draw on research-based structured reflective frameworks for Reflective Practice and explore their application for generating meaningful and dialogic relationships and interventions. These frameworks help disrupt habitual patterns of thinking and relating that stand in the way of improving our professional practice, healthy connections, and building more constructive habits. We envision our reflections leading us to explorations like inclusivity, power relations, conflict, freedom, the role of 3rd parties and bystanders, and excelling in our profession.

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