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Reflection of the Month
Tuesday, July 26, 2022
4:00pm-5:30pm London

(11:00am New York / 5:00pm Berlin / 5:00pm Jo'burg)

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  1. You may notice the website has changed and unfortunately our session description got lost along the way! So here is a little background. We are consultants, facilitators, and 3rd party interveners advancing dialogue, and constructive conflict engagement who gather every other month for 90 minutes. We support one another in improving our professional work deepening human connections and nurturing meaningful relations of the heart, head and hands in organizations and communities.

    For the long term, we are looking to build a permanent membership to provide safe conditions for systematic and shared reflection. However, at this point, new members are welcome!

    Last time, we discussed our experience of reflection and how it may differ from Reflective Practice (RP). This time, we’ll dive more deeply into RP-what it is and how it has been used in other fields to improve

    Reflective cases and experiences are most welcome for a shared reflection. The subsequent dates will be September 27th and November 29th.

    We look forward to our gathering.

    Tzofnat Peleg-Baker and Jane Ball

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