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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

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  1. Dear colleagues,

    Jane and I look forward to our November “Reflection of the Month” (ROM) forum. In preparation for our November forum, please review the following:

    Who? We are consultants, facilitators, and 3rd party interveners advancing dialogue and constructive conflict engagement, slowly but surely forming a community, and it is exciting. You are invited if you have not joined us yet, and wish to try. For the long term, we are looking to build a permanent learning community to provide safe conditions for continuous, shared reflection.
    At this point, new members are welcome!

    Why? We gather every other month for 90 minutes. We support one another in improving our professional work deepening human connections, and nurturing meaningful relations of the heart, head, and hands in organizations and communities.

    What? In September, we started exploring how reflection differs from Reflective Practice (RP). We shared Tzofnat Peleg-Baker and Michael Lang recent article on RP, and Michael joined us for the conversation. Tzofnat introduced us to various research on RP and research-based principles for improving our work as professionals.

    In November, we might start looking into some of these principles in-depth by reflecting on our own work and first-hand experiences. We will think about our professional intentions and goals. Do you set intentions and goals for your work? What are they? Do we use RP to improve our goals and professional work? And how can we use RP? What difference it makes or could make to the quality of your work and the improvement in your practice? Join us for this inquiry.

    Reflective cases and experiences are most welcome for a shared reflection.

    The subsequent date will be January 31, 2023!

    We look forward to seeing you.

    Tzofnat Peleg-Baker and Jane Ball

  2. I followed the instructions and was unable to find the link to sign in, missing today’s session. This is not the first time this has happened.

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