Community of Practice
Reflection of the Month
Tuesday, May 16, 2023
4:00pm-5:30pm London

(11:00am New York / 5:00pm Berlin / 5:00pm Jo'burg)

Please note that the timezone shown for London as GMT is incorrect. We are currently in BST or UTC +1. The session begins at 4pm London.

The Reflection of the Month (ROM) aims to create a learning community, integrating theory and practice, for consultants, interveners, peacebuilders, and conflict professionals interested in improving their dialogue practice through joint exploration of various topics relating to the intersection of Reflective Practice and Dialogic Relations. Topics may include the practice of respect, diversity and inclusion, conflict, power, and barriers to dialogic relations.

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  1. Dear colleagues and friends,

    Our next gathering is on Tuesday, the 16th, at 4 pm in London.
    This time we will have an open dialogue on any thoughts relating to what we have learned and discussed so far about the intersection of dialogic relations and reflective practice.
    The space will be open to additional subtopics around these topics. Cases and experiences for reflection are welcome and supportive of our shared learning experience and for improving practice.

    Below please find the description and goals of the ROM community. We are expanding, and you are welcome to share the invitation with friends and colleagues to dialogic work, but please ask them to confirm their participation by returning this email.

    Please confirm your participation below by returning your response
    It would be helpful to know by the end of Sunday, May 13th.

    Name:_____________________________________ Will attend_____ Will not attend_______
    Suggestions for our upcoming conversation? ____________________________________________________

    We are excited to share this learning experience with you.

    Tzofnat Peleg-Baker and Jane Ball

    Reflection of the Month
    Hosted by Tzofnat Peleg-Baker and Jane Ball .

    Why? To provide a Systematic, Shared, Structured & Safe space for learning and improving professionally.

    Who? We are consultants, facilitators, and 3rd party interveners advancing dialogue and conflict engagement, slowly but surely forming a learning community for continuous vibrant conversations. Michael Lang will join us in these gatherings. For the long term, we are looking to build a permanent learning community to provide safe conditions for continuous, shared reflection.

    How? We gather every other month for 90 minutes to support one another in improving our professional dialogic work in organizations and communities.

    What? We use research-based Reflective Practice—structured reflective frameworks to learn about its intersection with creating sustainable Dialogic Relations. We explore invisible habitual patterns of thinking and relating that stand in the way of healthy connections. We envision this leading us to conversations on operationalizing Dialogic Relations and inclusivity, dialogue in the context of power, the meaning of freedom, the role of 3rd parties and bystanders, goal attainment, and excelling in our profession.

  2. There was a technical problem seeing registration here, but it was fixed. Thank you, Bobby.
    For those of you who participated in the past in our ROM session and cannot register here because they passed the 3 months free period, we also register participants, as mentioned, in this email address:

    See you soon,

  3. I noticed that the time listed at the top of this page is different from what I know to be the correct time for the gathering–4 pm, London time.

  4. Hi Michael – you are correct the meeting is 4 pm London time.
    We are currently in BST – British Summer Time and the calendar uses GMT.
    Look forward to seeing you again on Tuesday.

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