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What is Dialogue? Engaging an audience on the nature and purpose of Dialogue in prisons
Thursday, May 11, 2017
1:00pm-1:45pm London

(8:00am New York / 2:00pm Berlin / 2:00pm Jo'burg)

This is a call to support the work of Trine-Line and Christian from Flux in the Norwegian Prison Service.  From Trine-Line’s email requesting this call on 24th April:

We had a meeting on friday with the prison leader and one of the two that has been following us since autumn 2016 and our work at Bredtveit They are very pleased with the results and want us to go in in another department as well from autumn 2017. Also for prisoners with long sentences. They also want us to talk to the servants on friday 5th of may for 3 hours about what dialogue is. Do you have any suggestions around what would be good to mention in a forum like this we appreciate you’re comments:-)

They are also now opening up for helping us financial. SO this is good news. We are happy about this.


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