Individual Membership

At the heart of the Academy is the international community of Professional Dialogue practitioners formed by our members.  Beginners and experts alike, they work with Dialogue for the benefit of society through their roles in many different fields and sectors. Our current members work in varied fields including education (from primary to tertiary), criminal justice, economic development, healthcare, social care, conflict resolution, and peace-building.

They are front-line workers and leaders as well as external consultants, coaches and facilitators.

Members both benefit from and contribute to the community of learning and practice through:

  • participation in a range of monthly online activities including Dialogues, skill development sessions, focused enquiries about a field of work, interviews that consider the work of one practitioner in depth
  • contacting and responding individually to other members who they can reach through the messaging service
  • initiating or adding to group enquiries about theory, skill, or application through the members’ forum
  • the library of member’s published and unpublished articles, recordings and other materials relating to Dialogue skills and application
  • sharing their own writing and resources
  • members’ discounts for conference and educational courses

The work of some of our members has been presented at our conferences and published in The World Needs Dialogue! One: Gathering the Field, The World Needs Dialogue! Two: Setting the Bearings and The World Needs Dialogue! Three: Shaping the Profession. The fourth publication will be released in the autumn of 2022.

Ongoing participation in the Academy actively supports the overall development of the field of Professional Dialogue.

Meet some of our members

Djuanwa Cooke, Virginia Department of Corrections, USA
Jackie Elliott, Jaxell - Team and Executive Coaching, United Kingdom
Sabine Helene Kresa, IM RAUM - Systemic Process Facilitation, Austria
Naeem Ahmed Sheikh, University of Education Ludwigsburg, Germany
Kati Tikkamaki, Tampere University, Finland
Parvin Daeipour, Rahe Goftogoo in Farsi (Dialogue path), Iran

Organisational Membership

Leaders who are looking to create a Dialogic organisation will begin this cultural transformation journey with organisational membership, to benefit from the support and recognition of the Academy.