David Bohm June 13th, 1990: clip 5

Enlargement and Creativity in Dialogue / Setting the Stage for Consciousness to Emerge

Enlargement and Creativity in Dialogue

PETER GARRETT:  I just had another thought, because your question really you’ve asked twice:  Does the individual lose out by participating in this sort of activity?  The usual way of a group of people moving together in an effective way is for each of the individuals to drop part of their interests or part of their preferences or part of their purpose or direction or whatever.  You slim it down and agree on a general plan or ideology or approach, and you drop those bits that don’t fit in with that which has the feeling of having a loss of freedom and creativity after a while.  Whereas, the process we’re talking about is one of finding a common mind by including all the elements that exist within the mind.  So, it’s a matter of drawing a larger and larger circle all the time to include all the elements so that in time there is a common mind where every participant is able to incorporate elements of all that is present in everyone.  So, the process, if you follow it, is one of enlargement and includes more and more as the process moves along.  So, the experience that I have is that it’s an increasingly creative space within which to operate.  Whereas, generally in groups that isn’t the case, generally it’s limiting.  I don’t find that.  I find it’s increasingly spacious and increasingly creative.

HENRIK TSCHUDI:  So it’s becoming more and not less, and that’s both collectively, as a collective thing or phenomenon and individually?  Because that’s very important to bring out because the individually oriented person may…

PETER GARRETT:  Because otherwise I have certain fixed views and you have certain fixed views, and the problem is you won’t let in mine and I won’t let in yours, and there we’ve got stalemate.  And, there is the lack of creativity in fact.  Whereas, the process that’s being described as suspending, some of that, letting it be fluid, letting it float to include other elements starts to free up huge things inside me as I start to understand why you think and feel the way you do.  It’s quite extraordinary to discover because actually there’s real sense to your own thoughts and feelings as there are to mine.

Setting the Stage for Consciousness to Emerge

SVEN BJÖRK:  I think it’s really fascinating that you, David Bohm, not only are attempting to explain the mind, the consciousness, but that you’re also setting the stage for a new mind, a new consciousness to emerge