David Bohm June 13th, 1990: clip 2

David Bohm and Astrid Brekken

ADTRID BREKKEN:  If we really got onto that idea and got away from what we are now, the more mechanistic and separate , do you think that would…how do you think really, what are you thinking about how that changes our lives, I mean both spiritually, but also physically?

DAVID BOHM:  Yes, well it’s clear that it’s first of all a spiritual change, right? ... in the sense that people do not regard themselves as separate atoms consciousness, right?  So, everything has its root in everything and not only human beings and each other in society, but in nature so that the destruction of nature has a profound spiritual effect in the sense that the conscious of humanity is contributed to by nature.  So, people would have to see that you can’t say everything is out there just to be exploited, that we will remain exactly the same no matter what happens, right?  And of course if we create a chaotic or incoherent society then every person inside suffers because he himself becomes incoherent, you see.  In other words, it’s … you cannot in the long run just pursue your own advantage without destroying your own advantage, right?  In the past it took several generations, so a person could say, “Well, I’ll be dead by then, it doesn’t matter,” but now it’s going very fast.