A Different Way of Working

Professional Dialogue in Practice 1

Congratulations, your application for A Different Way of Working has been successful. You are invited to register for the 2024 programme, led by Peter Garrett and Jane Ball from Dialogue Associates. Please read the details below and confirm your agreement. In January 2024 you will receive details to register for the A Different Way of Working online Learning Centre. Once you have completed this registration process, and paid a deposit, your place on the programme is secured.

This agreement is to be considered in conjunction with the invitation to Professional Dialogue in Practice 1: A Different Way of Working.



Online Learning Centre, for which you will receive registration details in January 2024. Meeting room uses Zoom


6am to 10am Pacific / 9am to 1pm Eastern (US) / 2pm to 6pm UK / 3pm to 7pm Central Europe / 4pm to 8pm South Africa / 5.30pm to 9.30pm Iran


Feb 20-22, Mar 12-14, Apr 2-4, Apr 23-25, May 14-16, June 4-6, June 25-27, July 16-18

Between-sets work:

Workplace Action and Reflection learning is required during the three-weeks period between sets.

Participants are expected to attend all sessions and complete between-sets work (unless they have the explicit agreement of the Accreditors)



£5,450 including all materials
Early-bird (before Sept 30) £4,500
Deposit £1,000

The balance of the fees is payable by 31st January 2024

Alternative payment arrangements by agreement only

Where there is a scholarship from the Academy, the registrant requests that the Academy pays this scholarship directly to Dialogue Associates to cover their registration on this programme.

Once registered, we assume you intend to participate fully in the programme. Fees are only refundable in exceptional circumstances, and before the start of the programme.


The Faculty and coaching staff are Academy-accredited and belong to the APDP (Accredited Professional Dialogue Practitioners) Community for continuing professional development. The lead faculty members, Jane Ball and Peter Garrett from Dialogue Associates, are Academy-authorised Accreditors.


If during the A Different Way of Working programme someone chooses to share confidential information with other participants, it is their responsibility to declare this to be the case.

Information that is declared confidential will be treated in the strictest confidence throughout the period of the programme and the subsequent three years.

Confidential information may not be used by other participants to their advantage, or be disclosed to anyone else without the permission of the participants who shared that information. The only exception is to meet the obligation of a court of law or governmental regulatory body to disclose such information.


Issues raised in the A Different Way of Working programme may be talked about with others outside the programme for the purposes of individual and organisational learning and development, but not in a way that identifies or implies anything about particular individuals or companies participating in the programme.


Programme sessions will be recorded. These recordings will be placed in the Learning Centre Library and will only be accessible to the participants and faculty in the A Different Way of Working programme. Recordings will not be released beyond this group without the explicit permission of those recorded. It is forbidden to take screenshots during the course, and to record the sessions privately on any device. Closed captions functionality on Zoom are used during sessions to support the understanding of those for whom English is not their first language. The closed caption transcripts are subject to the same permissions as audio and video recordings.


All copyrighted materials will be respected and only reproduced with the written permission of the copyright owner.


Accreditation will be awarded by assessment through a participatory three-stage developmental process of self-assessment, followed by peer assessment and faculty assessment against developmental criteria endorsed by the Academy’s Professional Standards and Accreditation Board


  • Professional skill development, supported by a substantial Participant Manual covering both theory and practice
  • Academy of Professional Dialogue accreditation and entitlement to use the prestigious Academy Logo
  • Admission to the Community of Accredited Professional Dialogue Practitioners for your continuing professional development
  • Use of the Academy’s Intellectual Property in your own Practice
  • Entitlement to deliver Academy Accredited Professional Dialogue Courses in your work and to the Public
  • Use of your own customised Learning Centre for online work


  • Access to Focus Two: Dialogic Intervention to become an accredited Professional Dialogue Consultant
  • Opportunity to use Professional Dialogue as a methodology in Research Projects
  • Opening to use Professional Dialogue as an educational methodology


  • Advocate the use of Professional Dialogue for the benefit of Society
  • Abide by the Academy’s professional standards
  • Make examples their work available to inform and inspire others through the annual conference
  • Help the skill development of others through the annual delivery of at least one Academy-accredited educational course to the public
  • Support the future of the Academy by contributing a mutually agreed percentage of earnings from their delivery of Academy-copyrighted courses or the use of Academy-copyrighted materials beyond their individual professional practice


  • Participate in developing the whole field of Professional Dialogue

Accredited Practitioners enter into a relationship agreement with the Academy of Professional Dialogue that formalizes these benefits and expectations. See page 4.

Please complete this form to accept the terms of the registration agreement

    Once you have submitted this form you will receive an email with confirmation, a copy of the terms and a link to register on the Learning Centre.