Conference theme: Dialogue as Story

1st to 3rd November ’22

£175 / $230 / €230

Discounts will be available – more information to follow

The Academy of Professional Dialogue (AofPD) will be holding its fifth Annual Conference online from Tuesday 1st November to Thursday 3rd November.  This year’s theme will be ‘Dialogue as Story’.

The idea of ‘Dialogue as Story’ provides a different way of thinking about Dialogue.

We all have our own stories, which come from our experiences and what we know – and think we know. They are how we make sense of the world around us, and help us form our own identity.

But everyone’s story is different, and this often leads to conflict and fragmentation. Dialogue provides a way of understanding each other’s stories, and helping to build a common shared story together, to create a less fragmented world.

The conference will explore this idea of Dialogue as Story in a wide variety of different settings, from Peacebuilding to Prisons, Politics to Poverty. Everyone attending will have the opportunity to participate in a number of actual Dialogues, giving them the chance to think about and share their own stories, reflect on the stories told by other people, and contribute to the development of the theory and practice around ‘Dialogue as Story’.

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