Conference theme: Dialogue as Story

1st to 3rd November '22

2pm - 6pm London / 3pm - 7pm Paris
4pm - 8pm Johannesburg / 11am - 3pm Buenos Aires
7am - 11am Los Angeles / 10am - 2pm New York


£175 / $230 / €230

REDUCED TO £131.25 / $172.50 / €172.50

Early bird discount extended indefinitely due to the cost of living crisis

We know times are hard across the globe at the moment and as a non-profit organisation, we want to make the conference accessible to everyone as we really do believe The World Needs Dialogue! If you require further financial support, please contact

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The Academy of Professional Dialogue (AofPD) will be holding its fifth Annual Conference online from Tuesday 1st November to Thursday 3rd November.  This year's theme will be 'Dialogue as Story'.

How is story present in our everyday lives and identity?

How can Dialogue transform those individual, organisational and community stories for the benefit of everyone? 

We use stories continually to make sense of our experiences and the world around us. These stories affect what we think, feel, and do, and over time the stories that stick form and shape our identity. Every individual’s story is different, and we have a unique contribution to make to any situation as a result, bringing diversity and energy through our participation. However, our different stories can, and frequently do, lead to misunderstanding, division, and conflict –  a petty disagreement in a relationship or a major difference over a strategic decision. As the misunderstanding becomes part of our story the division is perpetuated and deepened. 

Dialogue allows individual and collective stories to be developed in a wholesome and integrated way. Building a common story, or common sense, through Dialogue changes the present, and generates a new shared story for the future. This year’s conference explores ‘Dialogue as Story’, and its implications in experience, practice, and theory. We will be looking at ‘Dialogue as Story’ in many fields from peacebuilding to prisons, politics to poverty. 

Join us to:

  • Learn about the practice of Dialogue and how it transforms individual and collective stories, from Academy members of have years and decades of experience in many organisational and community settings
  • Participate in Dialogues led by Academy members, to consider and reshape the stories you hold about yourself, others, and key issues affecting our society
  • Generate new stories with other participants from across the world 
  • Contribute to the development of the theory and practice of ‘Dialogue as Story’

Immerse yourself in the professional community for three days

Your fee includes:

  • 12 hours of interactive online sessions with multiple tracks to choose from – no zoom webinar where you can’t speak up.  There will be lots of participation and breakouts.
  • Access to the open lounge for an hour before and after the day’s sessions, to meet others informally – and use a private breakout room if you wish
  • Entry to the online conference centre for one week before and after the conference to download materials, including some archive resources from the Academy’s library.  View the conference profile wall to see all the participants, and use the platform to message them
  • An opportunity to meet members of the Academy, experienced Dialogue practitioners from across the globe
  • The launch of the latest Professional Dialogue publications with the release of TWND!4 Putting Dialogue to Work
  • The conference is in English but multiple languages are spoken by our members

At this years conference our members will be holding participatory dialogues without the need to write a case study or working paper beforehand.

This means participants will be more involved than ever in sessions and will enable them to experience just how powerful dialogue can be.

With the conference fast approaching our members have been working hard and interesting dialogue themes are starting to emerge across a broad range of topics, so we thought you might appreciate a little sneak peak!

Proposed topics so far, with many more to come

  • Gender
  • Discrimination
  • Peacebuilding
  • Democracy and Inclusion
  • Crime, Punishment and Policing
  • Cultural Differences
  • Intergenerational
  • Education
  • Urban and Rural Division
  • Humanist, Spiritual, and Religious Stories

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