Your Organization Needs Dialogue!

30th October to 3rd November '23

2pm - 6pm London
3pm - 7pm Paris
4pm - 8pm Johannesburg
11am - 3pm Buenos Aires
7am - 11am Los Angeles
10am - 2pm New York

Choose to participate for the first three days or the full five day conference.

Registrations close 23rd October '23 at 12pm UK
You can also apply for Organizational Group, Non-profit, Big Mac Index or Student discount. We also offer Student Scholarships.

An international online conference for individuals working in or with organizations.

Learn about the impact of Professional Dialogue in organizations from our panelists, and discover the value this could bring to your own situation in participatory Dialogue sessions.

"I was already sold on Dialogue without having that much experience with it, but over the last three days I’ve just totally fallen in love with it."

Suzanne Reich, participant at The World Needs Dialogue 2022

Who would benefit from participating in this conference?

This online conference is for all professional people who work in and with organizations. It is
relevant to you if you want to deepen your expertise with dialogue - whether you are already an experienced practitioner or a novice. If you are new to Professional Dialogue, this is the conference for you. The opening sessions address the question: What is Dialogue? If you are wondering about the relevance of Professional Dialogue to your workplace, you will be inspired and informed by the considerations of Dialogic LeadershipDialogic Decision-Making, Dialogic Culture and Dialogic Multi-Stakeholder Engagement. On the other hand, if you have the good fortune to work in or with an organization that is already a Dialogic Organization, you will be grateful to get back to basics, to enquire in depth, and to extend the value you gain every day from working dialogically.

Why Professional Dialogue™?

When those who will be affected by a decision contribute their thinking before that decision is made, the decision will be more effective - and less likely to have to be amended later. People will know that their interests have been taken into consideration. Unfortunately, the inherent structure of organizations can work against this. The authority to make decisions is often delegated to individuals. Involving others can seem unnecessary and time consuming. This is where dialogue comes in, and Professional Dialogue is the practice of applying dialogue in organizations. There are simple dialogic skills that reveal the importance of understanding other people’s views. These same skills enable efficient decision-making, even when multiple stakeholders are involved. Once mastered and applied, they spread across the organization with a long-lasting transformative effect, humanising the organization and enhancing its performance.

What’s different about our conference?

Learn by doing

  • Highly participatory sessions - not just speeches and presentations
  • Small group Dialogues facilitated by Accredited Professional Dialogue Practitioners

Learn by listening

  • Hear our panelists share stories and talk together about their own experiences
  • Recordings of selected sessions will be available after the conference, so you can go back and refresh your memory

Learn together

  • Great networking opportunities with a diverse group of international attendees
  • Suitable for all levels of experience

"It was more than I expected it to be. The participation was overwhelming, the voices in the room, everybody used the practices, and it was just fantastic… It was more than I ever dreamed it would be."

Jennie Amison, participant at The World Needs Dialogue 2022

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