Monday 25th to Friday 29th October ’21

for four hours each day

7am to 11am Los Angeles / 10am to 2pm New York / 2pm to 6pm London / 3pm to 7pm Paris / 10pm to 2am Beijing

This year’s conference will focus on Putting Dialogue to Work, a theme that carries Professional Dialogue clearly into the workplace and builds on the accreditation of Virginia Department of Corrections as our first Dialogic Organisation last year.

Once again, the conference will be held online, building on the success of the online conference in 2020 and the launch of our online Conference Centre.  Last year, with the right session design, facilitation and interactive platform, we generated a high quality and participatory experience with all the engagement of an in-person event.

Working online means we can hold a truly global event, including many more people from around the world without the expense of travel and accommodation.

The conference will include:

Working Papers introducing new work, and a chance to explore that work directly and in-depth with the practitioner author.

Brief Encounter sessions for in-the-room practice skills

Case Studies a short-format introduction of practitioner’s work to inspire others to put dialogue to work.

Recordings of the 2020 conference sessions are available in the Members’ Library