You will need a microphone and camera to participate in the conference.

If you have not yet created your account for the Conference Centre

Search your inbox and spam folder for an email from

You should find an email with the subject ‘Create your account for Your Organization Needs Dialogue! 2023 conference’

If you cannot locate the email to create your account

Go to the Conference Centre and click ‘Lost your password?’ Enter the email address you registered with (if you are from VADOC, this will be your VADOC address). This should trigger an email to be sent to you. If the system says ‘There is no user registered with that email address’ please email

Once you have located the email to create your account

Click ‘Password reset link’. The system will suggest a very secure password, you can delete this and enter your own if you wish. You can click the checkbox to confirm use of a weak password. Now login and save this link as you will need to come to the Conference Centre each day to take part.

When you login you will arrive in the Conference Centre Lobby. From here you can complete your profile and add a profile photo.

Each day the schedule is updated on the Lobby to show what is happening that day. The timing on the left-hand-side is shown in EDT and a selection of other time zones are shown under the session title. If you would like to view the other days, you can do so via the menu at the top of each page of the site.

You can book one Participatory Dialogue per day.

To book a Participatory Dialogue

Go to the schedule either on the Lobby page or one of the Day 1 - 5 pages accessed via the menu at the top of the site. Find the block that reads ‘Choose and book one Participatory Dialogue’. There are a choice of 8 sessions each day. You can read more by clicking the green ‘More info’ button where you will find the session description and, below that, a ‘Book attendance now’ button. Please ensure you only book one session per day as spaces are limited.

To join a session when the conference begins

Go to the Conference Centre and find the current time on the schedule and click ‘Zoom link’ (please note the timing on the left-hand-side is shown in EDT and a selection of other time zones are shown under the session title). If there is no ‘Zoom link’ button showing for any of the Participatory Dialogues, you have not yet booked a session.

If you require further assistance, please email

If you are from VADOC, please read this additional help sheet sent via Whitney Barton.