Monday 25th – Shaping the Profession
Hosted by Jane Ball & featuring Dialogue Publications

  • Launch of two new books
    TWND!3 Shaping the Profession by 13 members of the Academy
    A New Kind of Dialogue by Peter Garrett
  • Breakout sessions with 18 published authors about their ongoing practice and learning
  • A selection of 12 case study sessions, for next year’s publication

Tuesday 26th – Recognising Dialogic Organisations
Hosted by Harold Clarke

  • Release of new criteria for recognition of Dialogic Organisations by the Professional Standards and Accreditation Board
  • What does it take to become a Dialogic Organisation?  Sessions with leadership, staff, and Dialogue Practitioners from Virginia Department of Corrections (VA DOC)
  • 12 case studies from VA DOC showing how they have been putting Dialogue to work…

Wednesday 27th – Continuing Professional Development
Hosted by William Isaacs

  • A tribute to David Kantor whose professional skills have influenced so many members and who died this year, and
  • The award of posthumous honorary membership of the Academy
  • Brief Encounters – introducing a set of three of David’s structural dynamics frameworks

Thursday 28th – An Educational Charity in Service of Society
Hosted by Timo Nevalainen

  • The diverse final selection of case studies for participants to enjoy
  • Launch of the Academy’s educational programme for the public – including certified courses and the Next Generation of Accredited Professional Dialogue Practitioners
  • An experience of the mode of Generative Dialogue

Friday 29th – Putting Dialogue to Work in Different Cultures
Hosted by Kati Tikkamaki & Bernhard Holtrop

  • An exploration of culture, how to change it and why it matters
  • Cross-national meetings for practitioners to consider different cultural expectations with colleagues from other countries
  • You and your work in your local cultural context