What are Multi-Stakeholder Dialogues?

Everyone involved comes together in one room in Dialogue to find a common understanding…

It is very challenging to change how things will work when multiple stakeholders are affected. It may be too complex for anyone to predict the consequences for everyone involved, and Dialogue may be the only realistic way forward. This is where Professional Dialogue plays an essential role. Everyone involved (or their direct representatives) comes together in one room in Dialogue to find a common understanding. Skilled Dialogue Practitioners, using Dialogue skills and a structured sequence of steps, can lead unaligned sub-cultural stakeholder groupings into a spirit of collaboration and informal partnership where new possibilities emerge and become attainable.

"Sometimes we just become complacent in the way that we do things. So to be able to be with such a fantastic group of individuals where we can actually talk about dialogue is inspirational to me."

Alfreda Shinns, participant at The World Needs Dialogue 2022

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