What is Dialogue?

Dialogue promotes a common understanding amongst those involved…

The initial sessions of the conference are devoted to understanding Dialogue, a specific way of talking and thinking together that is quite different from conversation, discussion, or debate. Dialogue promotes a common understanding amongst those involved. When people have different understandings of the situation and what is needed, they can pull in opposing directions, be unaware of each other’s needs, and inadvertently trip each other up. The balance of enquiry and advocacy in Professional Dialogue clarifies the various needs and purposes, enabling aligned action.

Panelists announced so far

Patty Hawk (USA) is Professor of Communication Studies at Nebraska Wesleyan University where dialogue has successfully been integrated into the general education curriculum to ensure ongoing dialogic engagement throughout that organization. Patty has developed a program where students, faculty, staff, and administration routinely engage across university boundaries in critical issue dialogues (such as reproductive health, gender identity, race) to move from a reactive to a proactive model of crisis communication.

Jon Steinman (Canada), co-founder of a Cohousing Community of 24 homes called Heddlestone Village. Cohousing communities are resident-managed, so the people with whom you manage the organization are also your immediate neighbours. This demands a unique attention to communication, prompting Jon to introduce Dialogue at Heddlestone in 2020 and eventually leading him to enrol in the Academy’s program A Different Way of Working. Jon was accredited as a Professional Dialogue Practitioner in 2023 and is introducing Dialogue into his consultant/educator work for consumer-owned grocery co-operatives.

Parvin Daeipour (Iran) Founder President of Tehran-based Endless Way of Dialogue institution, is a skilled clinical psychologist. She encountered dialogue with the Hertkemeyers in 2005, trained 150 dialogue facilitators using their model, and experienced dialogue as the best way to build relationships and deal with social conflict. Joining the Academy (2020), she realized how Dialogue creates positive change in organizations. Accredited in Professional Dialogue (2022), her institute now introduces the Academy’s approach into local Iranian communities, and organizations like insurance companies and school systems.

Participatory Dialogues announced so far

During the conference you have the opportunity to engage in over 50 Participatory Dialogues. These sessions expand on the theme for the day in small groups of 15 to 25 people and are co-facilitated by Accredited Professional Dialogue Practitioners and other carefully selected individuals. Here are a handful to whet your appetite…

  • Elizabeth Razesberger (Belgium) and Qingmian Chen (China)
    Dialogue Facilitation: Mindset and Practice
  • Thomas Kottner (Argentina) and Jon Steinman (Canada)
    What is a community without Dialogue?

Further details announced each week

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