What is Dialogic Teamwork?

A new way to achieve team success

The Core Enquiry

If you work in an organisation, you almost certainly belong to a team, or several teams. They are fundamental to how things are organised. How well do they work? What do they achieve? Can teams develop? These questions drive the core enquiry of the conference.

How would you really like your team to work?

There is embryonic potential in every team, but it is rarely fully realised. During Day One we aim to clarify our vision and understanding of a) the pressing need and b) the real opportunity to develop teams. To broaden and deepen the consideration, we will introduce related ways of thinking about teams, including:

  • What are Dialogic Teams?
    These are qualitatively different from teams that lack dialogue. Without dialogue, teams are essentially transactional, whereas teams with dialogue have a relational fabric that makes the capability of the team greater than the sum of the individuals.
  • What is Dialogic Teamwork?
    Just released! This programme is refreshingly innovative. It is a new self-managed step-by-step programme to develop any team, inspired by past masters Peter Garrett and Jane Ball. They support the whole team with short video clips that guide the team’s progress and developmental learning. Manage your own team learning at a fraction of the cost of hiring a coach or facilitator (although those are still available if preferred)
  • Story and Storyline - How they affect the team?
    Into the team, we each bring our story of what we believe has happened, is happening and will happen. Our story determines how we experience things, what decisions we make and how we act. The different stories held by members of the team are the enriching diversity of the team – unless they have conflicting underlying storylines, in which case they dislocate or fragment the team.
  • What are Wholistic Teams?
    Wholistic Teams achieve an alignment between the aims and interests of the individuals, the team and the organization. They are forums that generate practical understanding of what is needed for the whole. Such teams are where the organization and the individuals engage one another and influence each other’s understanding and decisions.
  • Can we work any harder?
    When the backlog and the daily necessities seem almost overwhelming, is there any choice but to work harder? The alternative is to discover the team energies and how to balance them.

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