What is Dialogic Leadership?

Dialogic Leadership encourages full participation and gives a voice to all…

A Dialogic Leader is an educator and facilitator who provides direction and support to achieve a sense of collective ownership by those who work in the organization or social endeavour. Dialogic Leadership encourages full participation and gives a voice to all, so that people can actively contribute to the success of the outcomes sought. This requires that people understand and apply the dialogic skills. Professional Dialogue enables the everyday practice of these skills in an organizational or social setting.


Thomas Kottner (Argentina) is Coaching Strategies Director at CoachReady a unique company that for the past 14 years has been providing Online Executive Coaching programs for international companies globally. With past experience as a senior corporate Leader, he calls himself a Dialogic Executive Coach and Reflection Partner who aims to help people gain clarity. He works with senior business leaders who need to make order and meaning out of complexity for improved strategic decision-making. In his experience this can mainly be achieved through a dialogic process, both in coaching and in leadership.

Ali English (UK) is an experienced senior business leader who spent 25 years in a FTSE 100 pharmaceutical company. She held senior global leadership roles in commercial, marketing and research & development. Now Director and co-founder of Ignitus Coaching and an accredited coach, she specialises in galvanising senior leaders and teams to ignite their power and courage to change. Her work with Dialogue is rooted in its power to find connection and common understanding, to resolve conflict and forge new ways of working.

Scott Frakes (USA), Director of Nebraska Department of Correctional Services until last year, an 8-year senior leadership role he held within his 40-year career in corrections. His expertise is advising on reform efforts in correctional organizations across the USA, working through his company SRFrakes Consulting. Scott had the good fortune to first learn about dialogic processes directly from Peter Garrett and Jane Ball in 2006-2007, and has found many opportunities over the last 16 years to reshape organizational cultures through dialogue.

June Boyle (Scotland), Chair of the Governing Board of Edinburgh Napier University and Founding Director of Skye Change Practice, a consulting and executive coaching practice focused on leadership development and facilitating leaders through change.  A senior leader and practitioner in the field of HR and Organisation Effectiveness with considerable global experience working extensively with CEOs, Senior Executive Teams, and Boards, including in roles within BP, RBS, BT, and Lloyds Banking Group. At the heart of her work is how people build relationships, talk and think together. 

Participatory Dialogues announced so far

During the conference you have the opportunity to engage in over 50 Participatory Dialogues. These sessions expand on the theme for the day in small groups of 15 to 25 people and are co-facilitated by Accredited Professional Dialogue Practitioners and other carefully selected individuals. Here are a handful to whet your appetite…

  • Loshnee Naidoo (South Africa) and Jane Ball (UK)
    Ubuntu: 'I am because you are' - a Dialogic Leadership mantra...
  • Tom O'Connor (USA) and Whitney Barton (USA)
    Making it Safe to Raise and Consider the Riskier Questions
  • Joseph Walters (USA) and Laura Little (USA)
    Opportunities and challenges of dialogic leadership
  • Timo Nevalainen (Finland) and Ismo Huusko (Finland)
    How to handle conflicts as a dialogic leader?

Further details announced each week

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