Jane Ball

Director - Dialogue Associates
Trustee - Academy of Professional Dialogue

Consultant, intervenor, and thinking partner; Jane has been bringing Professional Dialogue into commercial, government, and not-for-profit organisations worldwide since 1999. She invisibly enables discordant groups to collaborate and visibly leads people to learn and use new ways of working together.

Harold Clarke

Director - Virginia Department of Corrections

In his 50+ years of experience working in Corrections across the United States, Director Clarke has continuously committed himself to cultural change.  Soon after his appointment in Virginia, Director Clarke introduced Dialogue, a first for a state agency.  His vision and leadership have led to agency-wide training in Dialogue, the development of 300+ Dialogue Practitioners, and the VADOC’s recognition as a Dialogic Organization.   

Peter Garrett

Director - Dialogue Associates
Chair - Academy of Professional Dialogue

Peter’s new book A New Kind of Dialogue details how his work has shaped the development of Dialogue over the past 40 years, from David Bohm to founding the Academy of Professional Dialogue. During that time, as a pioneer, advocate, consultant, educator and patron, he has introduced dialogue into hundreds of teams, organizations and organizational systems.

Bill Isaacs

Founder & President - Dialogos International LLC

For 30 years Dr. Isaacs has served as a leadership advisor, educator and architect of systems transformation for CEOs of start-up and global corporations, fund managers, development professionals, national policy and political leaders and prime ministers. By raising the level of collective leadership, he enables people to access their collective intelligence.