Thank you for your participation in our third annual international conference The World Needs Dialogue! 3 and for your contribution to our collective thinking.  We made substantial progress in furthering and deepening our understanding of the practice and theory that underwrite our profession.

We did surprisingly well with the new experimental format and are pleased we invested in the online Conference Centre that will serve us for future large Academy events.  Please note that the Conference Centre is still open for you to access the conference papers and comments by participants, and will be closed on Tuesday Nov 10.

We are proud to have released The World Needs Dialogue 2! – Setting the Bearings during the conference.  This substantial book of last year’s conference proceedings is available via this link and it makes an interesting and informative Christmas Present for you and/or your colleagues.  Discounts are available from the Academy for orders of 10 copies or more.

Should you wish to apply to become a Member of the Academy, you can do so here.  There are online Generative Dialogues for Academy Members every calendar month, based on themes inspired by the conference, and also monthly webinar interviews of Dialogue Authors.

Finally, please note in your calendar that The World Needs Dialogue! 4 will be held during the week 1st to 5th November 2021.